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FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

Lester Zook


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I've been watching airplanes since before I can remember! One of my earliest memories is of going to church with my family and staring out the window as we drove through New Holland, trying to catch a glimpse of the planes at the small airport on the edge of town. I first had the opportunity to "slip the surly bonds of earth" when I was a teenager, and that flight just confirmed what I already knew - sometime, I would have to learn to fly! I did my primary training in Clarion, PA and took the private pilot check ride in May of 2002. The rest of my training was done in Dunkirk, NY where I became an instructor in February, 2005. My flight activities centered mostly around flight instructing and then in Oct. 2018, I was honored to be assigned by the FAA as a Designated Pilot Examiner.

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